Purulia Tour Guide 2022 | পুরুলিয়া ভ্রমণ / Purulia Tourist Places | Ajodhya Pahar Purulia

Purulia Tour Guide 2022 | পুরুলিয়া ভ্রমণ / Purulia Tourist Places | Ajodhya Pahar Purulia

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Purulia tour Day-1 video hyperlink 💻📲

🎦পুরুলিয়া ভ্রমণ / Purulia tour vlog Day-1 / ajodha pahar / Purulia tour vlog / Ajodhya pahar

Purulia tour Day-2 video hyperlink 💻📲

🎦 পুরুলিয়া ভ্রমণ এর দ্বিতীয় দিন / জয়চন্ডী পাহাড় / Purulia tour vlog Day-2 / Purulia tour vlog /

Purulia Bengali Travel Guide |I I Purulia Tour
Details I Complete Purulia Tour I| Purulia Tour 2022 | |Ajodhya Pahar |I Garh Panchakote
/ Sightseeing

Day 1

U flip view level
Mayur pahar
Marble lake
Bamni falls
Turga falls
Chorida village
Lohoriya temple
Lohoriya dam
Lower dam
Upper dam
Garh panchakote

Day 2

Jaychandi hill
Panchet Dam

Purulia is the oldest district of West Bengal. This place is surrounded by hills and jungles.

How to succeed in Purulia:
There are common buses and Trains to Purulia. Purulia may be attain by automotive People Wants To Know About:

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